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Manjistha belongs to Rubiaceae family

It is otherwise called Manjitha or Manjit in Hindi and Indian Madder in English.

Generally utilized for its therapeutic   advantages. Aside from restorative  advantages, it is likewise utilized as a characteristic hair color and food colorant.

MANJISTHA has many benefits, but specifically it is very useful for skin.

Benefits of Manjistha for Skin

1. Wound Recuperating

Manjistha helps in fast mending of the injury, diminishes expanding and brings back the typical surface of the skin. A glue of Manjistha powder with coconut oil helps in fast mending and lessens irritation. This is because of its healing and PITTA adjusting properties.

2. Diseases for Skin

Manjistha or its oil assists with controlling the side effects of skin illness like dermatitis when applied on the impacted region. A portion of the side effects of dermatitis are harsh skin, rankles, irritation, irritation and dying. Applying Manjistha or its oil decreases irritation and assists with halting dying. This is a result of its healing property.

3. Skin inflammation and Pimples

A Kapha-Pitta dosha skin type can be inclined to skin break out and pimples. As per Ayurveda, an exacerbation of Kapha increases sebum creation which obstructs the pores. This outcome in the development of both WHITES and PIMPLES. An exacerbation of Pitta likewise causes red papules (knocks) and irritation with discharge. Manjistha helps in adjusting Kapha and Pitta which assists with eliminating stops and irritation too.

How to Use Manjistha For Skin?

Manjistha for skin wellbeing.

Manjistha has cell reinforcement, antimicrobial, and claiming properties. It is known as the fundamental solution for healthy skin in Ayurveda. It has raktashodhak (blood refining)

Properties that make it beneficial for the circulatory framework. This spice helps ELIMINATE POISONS from your blood and keep contaminations under control. One can diminish all indications of maturing like wrinkling, flaws, barely recognizable differences, dark circles, spots, and scars with this spice.


Blend 1 teaspoon of manjistha powder, one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, one teaspoon of neem powder, some rose water, and a spot of turmeric to shape a glue. Apply this all around your impacted skin regions. You will have a brilliant, radiating sparkle all over and different locales after eliminating the cover.

Manjistha for skin brightening

The cell reinforcement content in this Ayurvedic spice gives a light, even tone to your skin and restrains skin inflammation and pimple development too.


Ensure you mix the Manjistha powder with honey or rose water and apply the paste on your face at least 2-3 times a week.

Usage of Manjistha for inner skin problems:
  • Manjistha powder – 1z2 – 1 teaspoon or as suggested by your Ayurvedic specialist.
  • Manjistha oil – 2-5 drops or as suggested by your primary care physician.
  • Manjistha Powder outer Skin Issues
  • Take 1z2 – 1 teaspoon of manjistha powder.
  • Add rose water to it to make a glue
  • Apply it on the impacted region.
  • Hang tight for 1-2 Wash completely with regular

Utilize this cure 2-3 times each week for powerful help from skin issues like dermatitis and skin inflammation.

Manjistha Oil For Skin Infections

Take 2-5 drops of manjistha oil. Blend it in with coconut oil.

Apply it on the impacted region a few times per day to dispose of the side effects of skin sickness.

What amount of time Does It Require for Manjistha To Work?

How much time that it takes for manjistha to work relies upon the condition and its seriousness. Different examinations have shown that the people who had dermatitis saw a critical improvement in the condition two weeks in the wake of util  a treatment contain  manjistha. Not many others saw a 50 percent improvement in on   days.

Manjistha utilization precludes the issues that can be brought about by a broken lymphatic framework.