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Complete skin care through ayurveda

In Ayurveda it is all about inner healing and complete cure, which is quite different from other beauty treatments available, ayurvedic treatments are largely free from any side effects, Ayurveda can give complete care and youthful glowing skin to anyone. This 1000’s of years old form of medicine has worked and is the best treatment for most ailments on earth, even today.

The majority of cosmetic skin care products on the market target the outer layer of the skin. It is possible to benefit from these products, but the results are temporary. As opposed to Ayurveda, which seeks to find the root cause of skin problems. In Ayurveda, skin problems are classified according to their Doshas.

It is believed if our internal body maintains an equilibrium with nature then the harmony will be visible on our skin. Therefore, we get healthy glowing skin from within with Ayurveda and the solution is long-lived.

  • The Vata Dosha is characterized by thin and delicate skin that can be extremely dry.
  • Skin with Pitta dosha is usually sensitive and prone to breakouts.
  • In Kapha Dosha, the skin is oily with large pores and blackheads.

One can get ride of these DOSHAS through perfect ayurvedic remedies, few of them being Manjishtha, khadira, Daru haldi, neem, kasni etc.

HOMEAYUR HERBAL comes up with these Ayurvedic complex mixture, to take complete care of your skin from inside.

  • Neem – It has antibacterial properties.
  • Manjistha – Increases glutathione synthesis
  • Khadira – boosts collagen production
  • Daru haldi – potent and rich anti-oxidant
  • Revand chini – liver cells rejuvenation

Today whole world is experiencing the magic of Ayurveda, come and join our very own years long experience for beautiful glowing skin from inside permanently.

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